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Leader’s Digest | October 2021

Learning | Top Content Picks

🌍  IMD professor Stéphane Garelli says that economic recovery is on the horizon and to ensure recovery and sustain competitiveness “we need ideas, not numbers.”

💶  There are stupid and smart investors—or are there? Myth-busting the illusion of “smart money” with Aswath Damodaran in a 45-mins keynote.

🌱  Nordea has signed an agreement with the EIB Group to lend up to 1.8 billion EUR for new loans for sustainable initiatives of Swedish and Finnish companies.

Developing | Opportunity to Step Up

On 4 November, we will get together with Richard Quest, CNN’s foremost international business correspondent, to discuss the world economy and trends in 2022. He will give us insights into questions like:

  • What are the emerging trends you need to be aware of?
  • Why is it important to have a harmony between business model, human competence, and technology?
  • What are the best predictions and findings from a Wall Street reporter?


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Inspiring | Our Recommended Source for New Ideas

It’s sometimes hard to stay up-to-date on all the different business news.

On the financial front, one effective cure we came across is a podcast by the Financial Times. Their FT News Briefing podcast features 10-minute episodes where they shortly go through the most important global business stories. A quick and easy way to keep yourself updated!

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Empowering | Stop and Think

“Speculation is the easy thing to do, but strategy is the difficult thing to do.”

– Amy Webb


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