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Bita Yazdani at the Speaker Contest 2019

Bita Yazdani competed in the Speaker Contest 2019, making it to the final round of the contest on May 23rd, 2019.

Bita Yazdani: Elevate Wisdom to Lead Next-Gen Organizations

Key messages:

  • Creating a company culture that celebrates diversity, inclusion, and a shared vision is not an easy process. It generally comes in three waves.
    • First wave: Establish a code of conduct with some core values.
    • Second wave: Repeat the code of conduct until your people parrot it.
    • Third wave: Ask what your employees value and then ask how they can contribute to the shared company values while still being true to themselves as individuals.
  • To start a movement or culture that people will follow, they need to feel competent.
  • To impart a feeling of competency, they need to feel belonging.
  • To combat groupthink, they need to feel autonomy.
  • Competency, community, and autonomy are three things that companies need to balance within a company culture to elevate themselves to the next level.

The bottom line? We need to celebrate human autonomy to build successful company cultures.

About Bita Yazdani

Bita Yazdani is a culture strategist who specializes in storytelling and leadership. She is the founder of Lead Human – a culture strategy firm which focuses on science-based workshops to help clients improve their culture, leadership style, and business strategy. Bita holds her MBA from Stockholm School of Economics and degree in International Marketing from HEC Paris. She has experience working with global leaders and previously had a senior managing position at the top firm Ernst & Young. Today, Bita supports CEOs to strengthen their entire corporate communication and how it links to branding, culture strategy and storytelling.

Speaker Contest 2019

We hosted the second edition of the Speaker Contest in 2019, in which we hoped to discover ingenious talent, innovative concepts, and intriguing perspectives from professionals and first-timers alike. Over 180 people applied for the contest, 24 made it to the qualifiers in Helsinki, Stockholm, and Oslo, and six finalists competed on the 23rd of May, 2019, to win €30,000 and a spot in the speaker lineup for Nordic Business Forum 2019The winner was Anssi Rantanen.

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Blog Nordic Business Forum 2019

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