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Leader’s Digest | October 2021

“At Netflix, they say two things:

  1. Don’t seek to please your boss; seek what’s the best for the company.
  2. Lead with context; not control.”

Erin Meyer

A couple of weeks ago we joined forces with our friends at Oslo Business Forum to organize a hybrid event around the theme of Rethinking Business. It sure was an inspiring day full of practical and at times provocative insights on how to rethink the different aspects of a business.

To get the cherries on the top, head over to our blog for 6 leadership learnings we listed from the event.

If you want to dive deeper into the insights, you can find a thorough overview of each session on our blog or you can download the full Executive Summary.

Stéphane Garelli – Rethinking Competitiveness

”The question is not if it’s right, but when it is right. Timing is everything.”

Read the full summary of Stéphane’s keynote on The Post-Pandemic Competitiveness Landscape on our blog.

Alex Osterwalder – Rethinking Innovation

“If you’re not spending 20-40% on innovation, innovation is not happening.”

On our blog, you can read a thorough summary of Alex’s keynote that focused on The Three Pillars of Business Model Innovation.

Jitske Kramer – Rethinking Work

“We don’t need to work harder, we need to work differently.”

At the event, Jitske shared her insights on the topic of post Working Cultures After Corona. Read a written summary of the keynote on our blog.

Erin Meyer – Rethinking Culture

“Performance is contagious. And poor performance especially is contagious.”

What are the success factors of the thriving Netflix culture? That’s what Erin revealed to us at the event, and you can find the key insights on our blog.

Rachel Botsman – Rethinking Trust

“Trust is highly subjective, and it’s highly contextual.”

Read an overview of Rachel’s keynote on how to approach trust in today’s world, and maybe more importantly: how to earn trust as a leader.

Nicolai Tangen – Rethinking Leadership

“Being able to show people that you don’t know is a real strength.”

At the event, Nicolai engaged in a conversation with Rachel to discuss his perspectives on earning trust and revealed his techniques to persevere in uncertainty and adversity. Read the full summary on our blog.

Download Full Executive Summary

If you want to go through all the keynotes in one go, and additionally get some key points and questions to consider from each session, we suggest you download the entire Executive Summary. Enjoy!


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