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What Will You Learn at NBForum 2023?

Nordic Business Forum 2023 is only three weeks away, and it’s a great time to take a deeper look at what we will be learning!

The theme of this year’s event is Be:Change, with which we encourage leaders to become the change they want to see in the world and actively participate in shaping the future. Our subthemes are Leadership, Innovation, Resilience, and Artificial Intelligence, which will help us see how we can take part in the change that is happening in the world instead of just experiencing it.


All of our 12 Main Stage speakers will address leadership in their sessions. However, a few of them focus on leadership and change specifically.

We will be learning about teamwork and leading high-performing teams with Patrick Lencioni. He’ll be discussing the most common team dysfunctions and how to address them, as well as how to tap into a team’s working genius.

In another session with Nicolai Tangen, we will be hearing about the experiences of top leaders and what we can learn from them. He will also introduce the three ingredients of change: communication, performance, and people.

Rebecca Henderson takes a new perspective on capitalism and creating change. Her keynote will address systemic change and the role of businesses in shaping it. She will offer actionable frameworks to address the most pressing issues in the world and thrive in the midst of challenges.


Innovation is what drives businesses forward, and it happens on multiple levels. Tim Ferriss will explore productivity and innovation on a more personal level. He will discuss the power of effective habits and how those benefit you both at home and at the office. He’ll also introduce selective minimalism and the Pareto Principle as tools to become more productive and innovative.

Sheena Iyengar will look at how we make decisions and how that relates to innovation. Her keynote will explore different tools to generate and cultivate ideas and how to understand decision-making as a tool to supercharge innovation.

Jos de Blok will offer us a new approach to leadership. He will be talking about empowering self-managed teams and creating a culture of trust and innovation. He’ll also show how an organization can function effectively without administrative burden.


Resilience is an important quality in leadership and business. While all our speakers might speak about topics that relate to resilience, we have two speakers who will share insights that delve deeper into the theme.

Malala Yousafzai will be discussing her experiences and how she has used them to create positive change in the world. She will tell us how to harness the power of education and diversity to drive innovation, resilience, and growth within your organization. Additionally, she will share her insights on how to create an impactful leadership style based on your own personal values and histories.

Our Speaker Contest Winner 2023, Maryna Saprykina, will be talking about how to empower global business with extreme resilience. She will share the resilient journey of Ukrainian companies amidst the war and uncover how their wartime sustainability strategies fuel extreme business resilience.

Artificial Intelligence

The advancements in Artificial Intelligence have taken the world by storm. Several of our speakers will be addressing the opportunities and challenges that come with this new technology.

Generative AI’s implications for business and leadership will be discussed by Scott Galloway. He will present his insights and analysis on the economy and the explosive growth of AI, unpacking current market conditions and their implications for businesses and leadership.

Mo Gawdat will dive deeper into the current rate of advancement of AI and the ethical questions around it. He will explain the role each of us and our businesses have to play to ensure that AI will be a driver for positive change.

Similarly, Amy Webb will explore the future of AI. However, she will be focusing on how organizations can actively create their preferred future with AI and what we should be looking out for.

Mikko Hyppönen will be focusing on the kind of mistakes you make with AI and how you should use it instead as a business leader. He will also share his insight on the latest development of AI and its possible future, both negative and positive.

Have you joined the event yet? Not to worry—you can get your discounted ticket until Friday, 9th of September at 23:59 EEST. Secure your place at the event with over 6,500 other attendees and take your business and leadership to the next level!

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